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SUN ARK is a Berlin based Collective founded in December 2018 by Guitarist&Composer Johannes Mann.
The Band unites six international Musicians from Germany, Sweden and Denmark, who met in Berlin, while studying at the renowned Jazz Institute Berlin.
The Sextett’s Music consists of Eclectic Rhythms and complex Structures and Harmonies inspired by the young Berlin Jazz Scene as well as lyrical Melodies and soundscapes that remind of a nordic sound.  Besides that, their Music draws Influence from all sorts of Places.  Beats and Hip-Hop are as important to the Band’s Sound as the European Classical tradition, Brazilian Music or the Jazz History.
Individually the members of the Band are already some of the most in demand and sought after musicians of the young scene in Germany and Europe, but in SUN ARK they join forces to improvise and experiment collectively, to create a new and current Sound.

Asger Nissen - Alto Saxophone
Julius Gawlik - Tenor Saxophone
Povel Widestrand - Piano & Synth
Johannes Mann - Guitar
Felix Henkelhausen - Double Bass
Felix Ambach - Drums

Find our EP on bandcamp:

recorded and mixed @ JIB Berlin in Dec 2018 by Gert Müller

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