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Vibey, soulful and genre-bending, Sun Ark is the boundary-pushing debut album from the Berlin-based ensemble of the same name. Weaving together electronic, hip-hop, Brazilian and jazz influences to create a lush, colourful and orchestral sound, Sun Ark offers a dreamy and complex meditation on ever-fluid, ever-shifting moods.

Founded by guitarist and composer Johannes Mannn, SUN ARK features a constellation of international players at the cutting edge of Berlin’s jazz scene: Mann (guitar), Asger Nissen (alto saxophone), Povel Widestrand (piano and synthesizer), Thorbjörn Stefansson (double bass) and Marius Wankel (drums). Mann, who writes all of the band’s music, describes the album as ‘exploring a landscape’; a sonic story with a sunny, springy opening track that bends into an experimental red arc. Moving between the playful and the poetic, Sun Ark pushes the boundaries of contemporary jazz.



by Eliza Levinson.

Asger Nissen - Alto Saxophone
Povel Widestrand - Keyboards & Synth
Johannes Mann - Guitar, Composition, Production
Thorbjörn Stefansson - Bass
Marius Wankel - Drums

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